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Boat Movers

Manoeuvring your boat on land is never as easy as it is on water, unless you have a Traveller Industries WA boat mover. Traveller Industries WA: we are the boat mover experts. We manufacturer the best boat movers in the country. We have years of experience designing and constructing boat movers and our boat movers incorporate the latest in engineering innovations.

Our boat movers make manoeuvring your boat simple and safe. Don’t risk you boat any longer, with one of our boat movers you are in total control, able to deftly position your boat. With incredible power and fantastic manoeuvring our boat movers are the best on the market, they make moving your boat a breeze, ensuring your safety and your boat’s safety at all times.

We have a range of different movers for different sized boats from small domestic movers through to powerful commercial movers. No matter your boat size or needs we have the boat mover for you. We have a number of different wheels available so you can get the right grip for your needs.

When you buy from Traveller Industries WA you know that you are buying from a innovative and passionate company. We use our products regularly and are always improving them.


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