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Enquiry or Order

- What is your full name?
- What is your e-mail address?
- Your postal address?
- And your delivery address?
- What is your phone number?
- Caravan/Boat Make & Model?
- Length of Caravan/Boat?
- Weight of Caravan/Boat?
Single Axle Tandem Axle
- Approximate slope?
- Model or Product required?
- Length of Power Cable (Std 300cms)
12 Volts or 24 Volts
Crocodile Clamps or Anderson Plug or Ring Connectors
Grass Gravel Bitumen Pavers Concrete

Optional Equipment
  • Jockey Post Hitch
  • Ball Post Hitch
  • Treg Post Hitch
  • Caravan Brake
  • Kill Switch
  • Ring Post Hitch
  • Dual Hitch Clamp
  • Balloon Tyres
  • Chevron All Terrain Tyres
  • Foam Filled Tyres 12 Volt 28AH SLA Battery - Number Required
  • Battery Box (Only with Battery Order)

For ball hitch connections please provide height from underside of ball hitch to lowest part of chassis and distancefrom centre of ball to front of chassis

- Height cms?
- Distance cms?

- Order# or Name to confirm your Order

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