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Welcome to AussieWheel, the best caravan mover, boat mover and trailer mover offering quality and high performance to the Australian market.
Aussie Wheel Electric Caravan & Boat movers are manufactured for Australian conditions and trust us that our power mover range is the best in terms of design, price, performance and quality. Our movers will help you get the job done safely, quickly and effectively.
Hopefully you will be comfortable recommending us to your friends.
We guarantee you will not find a better, cheaper electric jockey post or tug in the market.


Domestic Power Movers

AussieWheel AW1 Electric trailer Mover

Model AW1

* Normal moveable weight – 1200Kg
* Power output – 140 Nm
* Speed – 20 Metres/min

Caravan Mover with optional chevron tyres and jockey post.

AussieWheel AW2 Boat Mover

Model AW2

* Normal moveable weight – 2000Kg
* Power output – 245 Nm
* Speed –13 Metres/min

Trailer mover shown with Balloon tyres and Ball Hitch.

Aussie Wheel AW3 caravan mover

Model AW3

* Normal moveable weight – 2700Kg
* Power output – 320 Nm
* Speed – 9.5 Metres/min
* Click picture for video

Trailer mover shown with optional
Battery Tray, Balloon Tyres and Ball Hitch.

Aussie Wheel AW3 caravan mover

Model AW4

* Normal moveable weight – 4000Kg
* Power output – 400 Nm
* Speed – 7 Metres/min
* Click picture for video

AussieWheel with Standard Balloon Tyres and Jockey Post Hitch.

Commercial Boat Caravan Movers

AussieWheel Commercial Caravan mover

AussieWheel AW5

The AW5 was developed for users such as Caravan Parks, Boat Dealers and varied Commercial, Mining and Manufacturing purposes.
This model has dual motors direct coupled to worm-drive gearboxes that all it to move greater loads with bidirectional steering.
This model has inbuilt batteries providing 24V to the motors.
Available with almost any hitch to suit your van, boat or special purpose.

AussieWheel Tyres and Options

Note: Balloon or Chevron Tyres can be foam filled.

Aussiewheel Caravan Mover AW4

Balloon Tyres

Standard Balloon Tyres 6” hubs
included for AW1, AW2, AW3, AW4

Aussiewheel Chevron Tyre

Chevron Tyres

Giving grip on grass or loose surfaces 6″ split hubs

Wide Turf Tyres

Wider tyre for grip and loose surfaces 6″ split hubs

AussieWheel Mover double clamp

Clamp Post Hitch

Flexible stable connection.
Fits 90x50mm to 160x50mm A-frame.

AussieWheel Ball Hitch

Ball Hitch

50 or 70mm balls available at various heights.

DO35 Hitch

Special DO35 hitch available at various heights.

Aussie Wheel Treg Hitch

Treg Hitch

Treg or Block Hitch available at various heights.

AussieWheel Caravan mover Jockey Post Hitch

Jockey Post Hitch

Jockey Post Hitch requires a Double Clamp

  • Optional Equipment:
  • For all hitch connections please provide height from underside of hitch to lowest part of chassis and distance from centre of hitch to front of chassis? See diagram below LHS.
  • For Ball hitches please provide type of hitch - Fixed or Brake activating? For Brake activating provide size "F" See diagram above RHS


  • Safe 12 or 24 Volts DC Battery Powered Mover
  • Optional Interchangeable Hitches – Ball, Jockey Post, Treg or DO35
  • Size Exc Handle – Width / Length / Height – 350 / 640 / 350mm
  • Mover Weight – 45 Kg – Optional Solid Tyres 15 Kg

The motor and worm-drive gearbox provide the most power output for size and is rated for continuous use. A forward and reversing rocker switch in the handle stops motor instantly and acts as a brake when released. The handle is removable for transport and can be angled each side so that machine can be operated whilst viewing along the side of caravan or boat.

Power is from any 12V DC battery usually mounted in van or a battery tray can be fitted on the top of unit. A battery lead is supplied with your choice of connecting clips. (Crocodile clips, Anderson plug or ring connectors.) Standard is 3.0m long. It is preferable to keep this as short as possible to prevent possible voltage drop. The movers may draw up to 70Amps peak but normally run at 25-30Amps.  Please check you van fuse or circuit breaker and upgrade prior to use.

The AussieWheel is also available with 24V DC increasing speed 40%.

When more power is required – going over grass, going up a slight slope or a lot of turning always select the more powerful unit.

Driving wheels can be either single wheel drive for easier turning or both wheels driving for maximum pulling power and grip.

Standard wheel is a balloon tyre suitable for hard surfaces. Wheels are easy to remove and punctures are easy to repair. Chevron tyres suit firm grass or gravel surfaces. For extra traction or firm grass the wider Turf tyre is a great option

With heavy loads tyres can compress on one side when turning, this can be overcome for Balloon or Chevron tyres with foam filled tyres. This option must be chosen at time of ordering.

Unlike most movers, AussieWheel does not have a chain drive but relies on a direct shaft drive from the worm-drive gearbox. Where possible we use Australian parts and local suppliers.

A two-year warranty is standard for Domestic use and 12 months for Commercial use.

Fully C.E. Electromagnetic tested and approved in accordance with AS1044.

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