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Manufactured in Australia
Built with worm-drive gearbox & direct shaft drive
No chain’s and sprockets to service & maintain

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AussieWheel Boat & Caravan Movers

Business owners and operators, Maurice and Tim Atkinson welcome you to discuss our range of quality products such as our AussieWheel Boat and Caravan movers.

It is our aim to provide a personal and specialist service that will match our equipment to each individual situation.

The AussieWheel range was designed by users and is now being manufactured and marketed as a family business in Western Australia. While our core products are the AussieWheel range of Powered Caravan and Boat Movers we will continue to develop new products for the caravan and boating market.

AussieWheel brings a range of quality Australian made products and offers obligation free help and advice.
AussieWheel. An all Australian design, fully registered by the patents office.

Maurice and Tim bring together many years of business, trade and sales experience to a family business where we manufacture the AussieWheel range and will provide friendly individual service and after sales support to all our customers.

What we do



We continue to develop better products to meet changing markets and customers needs.

Australian Built:

Australian Built:

We are a small family business creating local employment.



Wherever possible we use local suppliers and small businesses to provide parts and expertise.

find the best top quality caravan and boat movers



Our movers are superior quality and always great value for money.



We take time to understand your application, quoting and building each mover for your particular situation.


We provide a two year guarantee for mechanical construction and workmanship (excluding tyres) based on fair use and agreed return to factory.

Manoeuvring your boat on land is never as easy as it is on water, unless you have an AussieWheel boat mover. AussieWheel: we are the boat mover experts. We manufacturer the best boat movers in the country. We have years of experience designing and constructing boat movers and our boat movers incorporate the latest in engineering innovations.

Our boat movers make manoeuvring your boat simple and safe. Don’t risk you boat any longer, with one of our boat movers you are in total control, able to deftly position your boat. With incredible power and fantastic manoeuvring, our boat movers are the best on the market, they make moving your boat a breeze, ensuring your safety and your boat’s safety at all times.

We have a range of different movers for different sized boats from small domestic movers through to powerful commercial movers. No matter your boat size or needs we have the boat mover for you. We have a number of different wheels available so you can get the right grip for your needs.

When you buy from AussieWheel you know that you are buying from an innovative and passionate Australian company. We use our products regularly and are always improving them.

Manoeuvring your caravan can be difficult, especially in tight spaces, unless you have a caravan mover. A caravan mover is a powered unit that enables you to deftly mover your caravan with ease. AussieWheel are the caravan mover experts. We have many years of experience designing and building caravan movers and we know that ours are the best on the market.
They are powerful yet easy to control, they are rugged and durable and will continue to work well for many years to come. We have spent years refining our designs, improving the power and control, ensuring that they are well made and can withstand incredible pressures and forces.

When you need a great caravan mover that does the job you need AussieWheels. We have a wide range of caravan movers from small domestic models through to powerful commercial movers. Our caravan movers are perfect for the holiday park owners, making your job so much easier and they are fantastic for caravan owners, allowing you to move your caravan safely and simply.

When you buy from AussieWheel you know that you are buying from a innovative and passionate Australian company. We use our products regularly and are always improving them.

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